Trying To Stop Lionel Messi / The Old Young Lionel Messi

Trying To Stop Lionel Messi / The Old Young Lionel Messi

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have a great record in El Clasico and Pep Guardiola is yet to taste defeat against Los Blancos in La Liga. The Santiago Bernabeu is the ground where the Catalans recorded an emphatic 6-2 victory a couple of years ago. Barca faithful want the club to continue its dominance over Real Madrid. However, one must admit that the Spanish giants have considerably improved since their last league triumph over Barcelona which dates from 2008. The latest meeting between both sides, which occurred in the Spanish Super Cup, ended in a 3-2 victory for the Catalans. In fact, Real Madrid lost only just. Would we be talking about a successful revenge mission for Los Blancos at the end of El Clasico? How prepared are both teams? Which team should be considered as the favorite? These questions, among many others, have been answered by illustrious people. Check out what they’ve been saying ahead of the big showdown.

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