Messi Leaving Barcelona: Unending Rumors

Messi leaving Barcelona

Messi Leaving Barcelona: Unendng Rumors

Is Messi leaving Barcelona?

Lionel Messi just signed a modified contract with FC Barcelona, making him the highest paid football player in the world and yet the rumors about a possible departure from the club continue. What is going on here?

The renewed rumors about Messi leaving Barcelona are fueled by a post he made in his Weibo account, which is designed for the Chinese market, in which he acknowledges the poor personal and team results during the 2013-2014 season and even apologizes to his fans because the season did not go as expected. The message, however, also includes a statement that has brought about renewed speculations about a possible transfer. The troubling statement is as follows:

It’s the people at Barcelona who decide what to do with my future, but my choice is to stay, as I still feel the same affection from them, but if that isn’t the case I’ll look for a solution.

This is indeed a troubling remark from someone who has been recognized as the best football player ever, but who also has become a target of criticism due to a dramatic drop in his perfomance in the second half of the season and, in particular, in the most decisive matches.

Messi’s statement can be taken as opening the doors to an eventual transfer if he continues to receive pressure or is targeted for blame in Barcelona.

An additiona factor to take into account in case this ever does become a real issue and not just speculation, is that in the new contract signed today the transfer fee that has been agreed upon by Messi and the club remains unchanged: 250 million euros. This is an amount that is quite feasible for some of the wealthiest clubs in Europe and that have at one time or another indicated an interest in acquiring messi from FC Barcelona.

Do you think that Messi leaving Barcelona would be an error?

Who would stand to lose more – the player or the club?

Is there any valid reason why Messi should even contemplate the possibility of abandoning FC Barcelona? Should he take the high road and recognize that in light of the failures of the 2013-2014 season fans do have a right to criticize their beloved team and their otherwise much beloved player?

Is the Messi Weibo post justified or should Messi have been more prudent in order to avoid the new wave of rumors and speculations?

For the moment, the only thing that can be confirmed about the Messi leaving Barcelona rumors is that he is leaving Barcelona – but going to Argentina to rest and then report to the national team that is now preparing for the Brazil 2014 World Cup.


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