Messi Contract Renewal: 250 Million Euros for 5 Years

Messi contract renewal

Messi Contract Renewal: 250 Million Euros for 5 Years

After scoring a sensational hat-trick against Osasuna, Lionel Messi has once again set the international soccer community talking. This time, it is about the rumor that he is demanding from FC Barcelona a five year contract worth 250 million euros (348 million USD).

According to multiple media reports, the Messi contract renewal proposal implies that he would receive 25 million in net income per year, making FC Barcelona pay the annual income tax worth another 25 million euros, resulting in a total annual cost to the club of 50 million euros. This would be paid in each of the next five years, totalling 250 million euros.

Whether this sum is eventually paid or not, there is little doubt that a contract renewal will take place and that Messi’s income will increase significantly.

On repeated occasions, FC Barcelona officials have publicly stated that they are determined to make Messi the highest paid international soccer player, in accordance with his role as the best player in the world. If so, it would be the 7th time his contract has been renewed since signing with the club.

There is no doubt that such a payment would put additional financial stress on a club that has already earned criticism from an apparently higher than anticipated purchase of Neymar’s contract, the decision to renovate Camp Nou, plus the need to purchase other players to strengthen the club for the upcoming season.

Currently, Messi is estimated to have a contract that stipulates a payment of 16 million euros per year.

The 250 million euros figure being discussed by the media suppossedly does not take into account Messi’s image rights – which have also become a very lucrative source of income.

The Messi contract renewal media coverage merits our attention but, at the same time, it is important to take into account the value that Messi brings to FC Barcelona – both on the pitch and off the pitch.

Is there a club in the world that would not want to have the best player ever on the team?

Is there a club in the world that would not want to have Messi’s prolific scoring year in and year out?

Is there any one who doubts that the 26 year old still has many more productive years ahead of him and that, at this point, he may not even have reached his peak?

How much would a club, FC Barcelona or any other, would have to pay in the current market to obtain everything that Messi offers to his club and his fans?

Finally, let us not forget that Messi has just reaffirmed his desire to remain in FC Barcelona for the rest of his professional career.


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