Lionel Messi – The Best Moments of the Season 2015/2016 – HD

Lionel Messi’s best goals, skills and moments of the season 2015/2016. He scored as always some amazing goals and his dribbling was again exceptional. However, this season he also scored the most free-kicks and became the best free-kick taker in the world. Lionel Messi showed us that he is currently the world’s greatest playmaker. Brilliant long balls, chip passes, through balls and amazing assists have proved this. He even made a penalty assist to Luis Suarez against Celta Vigo and two decisive assists in the Copa del Rey final which was the reason why FC Barcelona won the double. All these aspects are included in the video and combined with epic music and english commentary.



Elephant Music – Dawn of Time
Immediate Music – Surrender to Hope
Audiomachine – The Voyage

by LionelMessi


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