Barcelona Beats Real Madrid 4-3, Messi Hat Trick

Barcelona Beats Real Madrid 4-3

Barcelona Beats Real Madrid 4-3, Messi Hat Trick

The game lived up to expectations.

The result was what we expected: Barcelona beats Real Madrid – again! Barcelona beats Real Madrid in convincing fashion. Barcelona beats Real Madrid with a great exhibition by the entire team. Barceloan beats Real Madrid 4-3!

It will go down in history as one of the most exciting clasicos in the long rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Messi’s performance cements his position as the best player in the world today – and in the history of the game. He totally outclassed a Cristiano Ronaldo who only scored because the referee awarded him a penalty for a Dani Alves trip that took place outside the box. Even Ronaldo’s own team mates, Benzema and Di Maria, outshone the Portuguese striker.

Messi took the role of team leader and played, once again for the umpteenth time, a fabulous game. He scored a hat trick, relished under the pressure of seeing his team fall behind on two separate occasions, placed perfect passes to team mates, including a long one to Neymar that eventually resulted in a penalty by Sergio Ramos – who then received a red card and was sent to the showers.

Whoever believed that FC Barcelona had lost the league must now recognize that the league title is up for grabs by these two teams and Atletico de Madrid, now in first place. Many games remain to decide this year’s champion. The final game of the season will be pitting Atletico de Madrid vs Barcelona in Camp Nou.

Every time Barcelona beats Real Madrid it is an occasion to remember. This game, however, will have a special place in the history of the two teams because of the many things that were in play, on and off the field.

It will also go down in history due to the excitement caused as the two giants scored goal after goal, trading the lead multiple times and adding more drama throughout the 90 minutes of action.

What is on the horizon now?

A very tough Liga competition that is even more competitive than before the game began.

A match up between Atletico de Madrid and FC Barcelona in UEFA Champions League competition.

A possible Barcelona vs Real Madrid match up in UEFA Champions League competition if both teams advance.

A Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona match up on April 16 for the Copa del Rey.

The May 18 Atletico de Madrid vs FC Barcelona match in Barcelona.

Can this be any more exciting?


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